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Although golfers aren't subject to the same level of physical strain as some sports, injuries do still occur when playing golf and one of the most common of these is known as Golfers Elbow.

What is Golfer's Elbow?

Golfers Elbow is a form of elbow tendonitis, and occurs when the tendons that connect the forearm to the elbow become inflamed or torn, causing pain on the inside of the elbow.

It is known as golfers elbow as it can be caused by repetitive motions such as a golf swing, and by the overuse and stress of the muscles in the forearm that allow you to grip a club and flex your wrist.

It is also worth noting that other activities can lead to golfers elbow, such as baseball, rock climbing or even using common tools such as screwdrivers.

You will know you have golfers elbow if you have a pain near the bony knob on the inside of the elbow, although sometimes this can extend down the whole of the forearm.

You are also likely to feel discomfort when you are performing gripping tasks or flexing your wrist towards your body.

Golfers Elbow can really disrupt your game, so it is advised to get physiotherapy treatment as soon as possible and to reapply ice to the affected area regularly.

You may need to rest the elbow initially, but there are some excellent golfers elbow supports and braces that will help you continue to play and protect your injury.

Extreme Golfers Elbow Support:  


This support includes a silicone pad for extra pressure on the muscles in the forearm, and it is made from an innovative Coolprene material which helps to keep the skin dry and comfortable.

The Extreme Golfers Elbow Support can also be adjusted to the required level of tension.

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