G-Form for the coming snow season

Posted by Scott Liston on

G-Form have a range of products targeted to be worn at the snow including:
- Pro-X Shirt (womens) (youth)
- Pro-X Shorts (womens) (youth)
Pro-X Knee (youth)
- Pro-X Elbow (youth)

There are also pads that either separately cover the shins or integrate shin protection with the knee protection.

There’s little question about the effectiveness of the non-Newtonian protection material. There’s been plenty of demonstrations at how well it absorbs and dissipates shock across various applications; G-Form has its video showing how effective its product is at protecting the delicious candy shells on M&Ms.

There are many options for armour, but the real differentiating factor between G-Form’s offerings and foam or hard pads is how well it performs the vast majority of the time when it’s not taking hits on your behalf. For those that know armour the real test is how well the armour stays in place. G-Form's activewear approach to the product is a stroke of genius making it very comfortable to wear... Of course, like any piece of activewear, it’ll need regular washing after use – something G-Form has taken under consideration with its moulding process that creates a seal on the pad surface, allowing them to be fully machine washable.

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