Aussie Sharks take on World Lacrosse Champs

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We've had a close eye on the Australian Men's Lacrosse team this year for the 2018 World Champs in Israel. What they've achieved is brilliant and we're extremely proud to be aligned with many of the brands they use to stay protected on and off the field. Below is a report from the team head coach Glenn Meredith:

The Australian Men’s Lacrosse program just completed a World Championships in Israel against 46 other Countries which we ran 4th  and were a mere 2 goals away from a Bronze medal. This is a tremendous achievement when you consider the 3 teams above us and a few below us are all full of professional Lacrosse players from the U.S.A. so we are still the best amateur team in the World in 2018.

The real work for the Men’s program began in January 2016 at a camp in Altona where 109 hopeful applicants put their names forward which is a terrific turnout for a minor but growing sport in our Country. We ran 7 full squad camps in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and a final selection trip to Japan before selecting the final 23 players to represent us in Israel. Simply put the dedication and drive from the men and woman in our country to play Lacrosse at world level is outstanding and whilst the Men’s team has 3 Silver and 7 Bronze medals, the women's team has won the world title twice so we do as a Country punch well above our weight on the World Lacrosse stage.

The simple reason we compete so well is the players' dedication and drive to succeed on the world Lacrosse stage. It is simply staggering to see this up close and when you combine that drive with the integral support our national program gets from our sponsors it really does fuel the fire for ongoing success. For example, companies like LP Support compression wear & G-Form protective gear is crucial to players competing at the elite level and when you consider the Men’s team in Israel played 8 games in 8 days in extremely hot and humid conditions players protection, recovery and compression becomes an absolute non-negotiable in our success.

The Australian Men’s Lacrosse team for 2018 would like to thank LP Support & G-Form our major sponsors and the players couldn’t recommend their compression and protective gear high enough.

Glenn Meredith
Head Coach
Australian Men’s Lacrosse team


Captaincy group testimonials:

Chris Plumb

Loved the support and confidence the LP compression gear gave me and wrapped with their terrific support of the Australian Men’s Lacrosse team for 2018 and excited to recommend the LP compression and G-Form protective gear especially, the fact that you don’t see the G-Form pants and top when there being worn and its comfort is really appealing and the protective advantages are always high on our list. Great to have the boys from LP, G-Form products on board with the 2018 Side.

Alex Brown

I have always been big on professionalism in sports recovery and preparation and quality compression gear is an absolute must in that space to maintain the ability to play your best. The Australian Men’s Lacrosse teams support by LP compression tops, bottoms and socks, for training and recovery. Then G-Form protective products for playing. LP Compression for travel was a great chance to try some new products to lacrosse and l couldn’t recommend all their products high enough to anybody in any sporting environment, the LP compression pants, especially for me, are a training must have.

Nigel Morton

I have used different protective clothing before but because of the slight padding on the G-Form protective gear and Lacrosse being a contact sport I’m now fully on board with the G-Form protective products, you don’t really know you have them on after a while and G-Form protective advantages also speak for themselves in elite World sports, l loved all the G-Form products especially and couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

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