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Moose Kicking Tee

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The Moose Football and Rugby kicking tee is a fantastic training tool for footy players of all ages and levels to sharpen their kicking skills and precision on-field.

The innovative ‘antler’ shape raises the ball off the ground, so your kicking foot can drive the ball into flight from a direct, straight line of contact, as opposed to classic kicking tees that encourage an angled contact from the boot’s side.

The Moose kicking tee trains you to consistently kick the ball correctly. You can feel the improved connection through your body and in the satisfying sound made when your foot hits the contact point for optimal trajectory.

You’ll notice an improvement in both your precision and the distance you’re able to launch the ball from a stationary point within minutes.

The Moose football and rugby tee guides your kicking action to make the most of your kicking power every time.

- Learn how to kick a footy ball straight and accurately
- Compatible with all football codes – AFL, rugby, rugby league and soccer
- Ideal for senior and junior rugby clubs
- Approved by the ARU
- Unique, world first kicking tee with an ‘antler’ inspired shape
- Australian designed coaching aid
- Revolutionary design isolates the correct kicking motion
- Refines skills that can easily be transferred to your next big game
- Achieve longer projection and greater accuracy from your kicking action
- Practice and polish the motion patterns necessary for an awe-worthy drop punt

Step 1: The Set Up
Position your Moose on a level surface on the field, arrows pointing in the direction of your target or goal. Place the ball upright on the 'antlers', at a slight forward slant if desired. Face the seam of the ball in the direction you're aiming to kick.

Step 2: Practice Standing Kick
Stand with your non-kicking foot planted firmly next to the Moose. Kick in a direct, straight motion, aiming to contact the ball with the top half of your boot's lacing system. Repeat to learn the sensation and kicking method of a successful drop punt.

Step 3: Run-up Kick
Stand about 3-4 steps behind the Moose, with ball positioned correctly on the 'antlers'. Keep eyes connected on the ball and head down as you run and commit to kick the ball on target. A properly targeted kick will propel the ball precisely at an optimal ball trajectory and distance.

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