Swedish Posture

Swedish Posture is a Swedish innovative health brand with HQ in Stockholm. We develop, design and sell products for Improved posture – Active sitting – Everyday Workout!

Swedish Postures products are unique because their primary function is to remind rather than relieve. Wearing our posture reminders, the body activates the muscles, therefore improving and strengthening the overall posture.



A poor posture, a constant reminder of parents, a broken collar bone and hard work are key ingredients that made Swedish Posture global.

Emma Pihl, the founder of Swedish Posture got sort of information from a parent concerning her posture. Reasonably competitive as she is, she began to closely examine her posture, as well as other people’s postures. She then realized that a surge in sitting time of today’s deskbound routine has led to an epidemic of poor posture due to inadequate movements coupled with too little exercise or inactive lifestyle.

Relatively competitive as she is, she started to pay attention to her posture and the postures of others as well. She realized that the result of today’s sitting lifestyle and lack of movement has created numerous “hunch backs” and “iPad necks” out there.

Therefore, she invented it herself with some inspiration from the rehabilitation of a broken collarbone. Swedish Posture’s first flagship product, the Posture Classic – a kind reminder for better posture.