Swedish Posture

Products for improved Posture, Everyday Workout & Active Sitting. Swedish Posture products are unique because their primary function is to REMIND rather than relieve. Wearing our posture reminders, the body activates the muscles -  therefore improving and strengthening overall posture which can also stimulate breathing, improve core strength, and enhance a positive mindset. We cater for both personal use, and also have a focus on workplace ergonomics. 

Many styles within our range are unique versus our competitors as feature a combination of stretchy and non-elastic material. The combination of material in correct setting gives a great REMINDER function, improving the posture over time and strengthening the posture muscles. The majority of our competitors use only stretch material or only non-stretchy material. These harnesses give full support to muscles and the ability to lean on them which do not improve posture, it actually weakens the posture muscles.